Our Strength Is In Our Service

Having a team of skilled and experienced industry professionals knowledgeable in every aspect of music production is a huge asset to our clients, especially in the fast paced world of Hollywood film media and record production. We customize our services to each client's specific needs, ranging from the hiring/casting of both musicians and singers, to budget estimates, packaging, contract administration, and all other aspects of project coordination, including rate negotiation and bookings of studios and key staff/personnel.

For more detailed information or for a project specific budget discussion and estimate, please contact our office.

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Encompass Music Partners began as Peter Rotter Music Services - originally offering solely music contracting services. This is what we have built our company on: finding the best musicians for each project, tailoring every detail to the composer and production.

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AFM and SAG contracts are part of today's world of production.  Composers, agents, studio music departments and production companies are faced with the requirements to "paper" the talent that creates the product. Encompass Music Partners handles the fine details that are required to meet the deliverables whether you are a composer recording solo in your home studio or hiring a full symphony orchestra, choir or anything in between.  We have handled the contracts for thousands of projects in all media applications and budgets.  For further info on how we might simplify and handle your specific contract administration needs, please contact us.


We help support composers with career advice and guidance to help navigate through the challenges of our ever-changing music business. For more information and hourly rates, contact us!

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Not unlike a film casting agent, we have musically and vocally cast some of the biggest and most historic music based films in Hollywood.  We cast REAL musicians and singers who not only look the part but actually play the part.  Click here for examples of what we've worked on. For project specific info or needs, please contact us.

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Encompass Music Partners has produced MANY tracks for pre-records as well source cues for films and television productions.  Our ENTIRE team is made up of composers, musicians, producers and singers.  We have the skills, experience and talent to help deliver and create original content as well as source music or soundalike cues/songs for your project.  For further information, please contact us directly to discuss your projects specific needs and requirements.

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Coordinating the fine details of a music score from pre-production, on set casting and implementation to following a project through post production into it's final completion is something Encompass Music Partners has had the opportunity to do on several small to large film projects.  Having a team with diverse skills and knowledge to get from point A-Z is vital in the fast moving world of music production.  For further info on how we might help coordinate your project, please contact us.

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Composers and producers today face the challenge of packaging their entire project within an all-in fee.  We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to help budget and administer the entire package so that the creative spirit is free to focus on the task at hand: creating and producing music.