The past five years (2011 – 2016) of my life have been filled with much change and transition. Throughout this time I kept searching for my true purpose, for what brings me fulfillment in my professional life and for what brings me and my clients the most joy and satisfaction.  

As I was searching for the answer, it came in a very unique form.

During this time I was frequenting the scoring stages of The Bridge and Warner Brothers, constantly driving back and forth between these locations and my Calabasas office.  On top of the mountain just above the Warner Bros lot, on the backside of the Hollywood sign lives a beautiful old tree… the Wisdom Tree!

As strange as it may sound, like an oracle up on high, it held the answers I was seeking. I used its symbolism, its purpose and its strength to find the truth in what I stood for, both personally and professionally.  

What is the purpose of a tree?  

A tree encompasses, surrounds and protects you. From its root system up to the crown of its branches, it provides support through the uncertain and varying conditions we encounter daily in our professional world.

For me, the roots of the tree represent the depth of strength and commitment to our clients. The branches represent the years of collective knowledge and service to the industry, as well as a vantage point to help guide and shade our clients with calm wisdom. The tree, its root system, and its branches represent consistency and what I strive daily to bring to the world and to my company.  

I welcome you to explore Encompass Music Partners!

We all look forward to continuing to support you, your music and our industry with a deeper level of commitment and service.

Same team.  Same passion.  Offering more.


Peter Rotter

(Founder of Peter Rotter Music Services and the newly formed Encompass Music Partners)