We can help choose the right singers and musicians for on camera musical roles. Since the musician and singer union rules are different than straight acting or background rules, we can help budget and cast for these specific parts. Sidelining (or “mouthing” when applied to SAG/AFTRA Singers) refers to musicians or singers on screen simulating playing or singing to a pre-recorded track for either motion picture or television. The believability on camera of true trained musicians or singers “playing” their instruments and looking authentic is something Encompass Music Partners has taken pride in for over a two decades.

We have worked alongside many great studios and directors to give their films an authenticity and realism that adds to the overall quality of the visuals and emotions of the scenes that involve these talented musicians and singers. We take pride in the fact that we work side by side with production to “cast” the perfect musician or singer that the director and production want. We submit photos of all candidates, we coordinate the use and rentals of authentic instruments and provide the sheet music that matches the pre-recorded track the musicians or singers mime to in order to capture a breathtaking and realistic performance.We can even coordinate the recording, production and delivery of all specific Pre-Record elements for on set playback.

A few of our past projects include: A Star is Born, La La Land, Love and Mercy, Get On Up, Jersey Boys, Gangster Squad, Water For Elephants, The Soloist, Get Smart, Transformers: Dark of The Moon, LA Noir, I Love You Man, A Thousand Words, 13 Reasons Why, The Mentalist, The Cape, $#*! My Dad Says, and Hart of Dixie to name just a few.


For more detailed information or a project specific budget estimate, please contact our office (818) 876-7500 or info@encompassmusicpartners.com